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Neuro Info Transfer


Neurological Information Transfer Method

This innovation was discovered while exploring arterioveneous loops housed in extracorporeal devices, similar to those listed in my “Ex vivo attachment to a living organism methods for fabricating thick vascularized 3D tissue structures”, paper.  Prior art has yet to describe the direct links and electrical signal conversion strategies that I purpose.  I have also yet to find any prior art that describes my distinct and novel methods for addressing the relationships between sensory input/output information, the relationship of human memory and the connections between these elements.  The mind (by information processing) truly does create reality.

My purposed innovation brings together multiple disciplines that include electrical/chemical signal conversion strategies, biological processing methods, organ fabrication, computer science, advanced concepts in biological information interpretation, storage and transfer theories.

In my opinion Neurological Information Transfer could be the biggest topic of the 21st Century and will likely hold the most ethical and philosophical questions for our future.  Lots of amazing and positive things might be done with this technology, but it’s implications for society can also become quite disconcerting.  When this technology reaches maturity it will make the Internet look like a telegraph wire.


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